Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mikhail Grabovski's Maple Leaf career is likely to end soon

Yesterday in practice Mikhail Grabovski and Jason Blake had their second altercation in the past month. Grabovski has this penchant for hitting the team's leading score from behind into the boards. Grabovski, is obviously mistaking Blake for one of the Kostitsyn brothers. Fortunately Blake survived the incident to provide the Leafs with some offense against Tampa Bay.

But seriously how much longer are Brian Burke and Ron Wilson going to put up with Grabobski's act? Does anyone wonder why Montreal unloaded this guy? The guy plays like former Leaf Sergei Berezin and that ain't no compliment. He has a serious case of glue stick. He plays like the only role for linemates is to feed him the puck. His outbursts are an embarrassment and a distraction. But even more important - he is a defensive liability and without sufficient physical strength to compete in the NHL.

So when you try to pick the 6-8 players Brian Burke will build his future Leaf team around, don't bother including Mikhail Grabovski.