Thursday, March 05, 2009

Don't hit the panic button...yet

The Storm were shut out again by the Etobicoke Dolphins are at risk of being eliminated on Saturday. After giving up a goal in the middle of the first period the Storm tried their best to sustain pressure but could not get many good shots on net again. Then another late third period collapse clinched the win for the Dolphins.

Not many things went well for the Storm tonight. Too much individual play with players getting stripped of the puck. Weak shooting. When they did pass it was too often to players well covered. Defensemen not clearing the puck in front of our net. Too many penalties including two 5-on-3 advantages to kill. It was a game best forgotten.

But the Storm aren't dead yet but there is a big hill to climb. A win on Saturday will tie the series at 3 points each. So overtime will have to be played. So to advance, the Storm has to win both the game and overtime. Which means we have to get the offense back in gear.