Monday, March 02, 2009

Jason Blake is back to his bad habits

I hate to see it, given the boost his production provided in January, but Jason Blake is reverting to the form Leafs fans witnessed last season. His shot totals were a tad ridiculous earlier this year given his production, but now that he’s been producing, nobody questions him shooting from every angle and position on the ice.

This is a problem. When he first got on Dominic Moore, his confidence was lowered, and he was taking fewer shots from bad positions on the ice. His monthly shots per game averages dropped from 4.1 in October, to 3.1 in November, to 2.9 in December. Then he scored 9 goals in January. Then the old Blake returned and in February - he’s taken 61 shots in 13 games. That’s 4.7 shots per game, but he only scored 5 goals over the whole month, and his shooting percentage went from 17% in January down to 8% in February. That’s 14 more shots than Ilya Kovalchuk took in the month, but Kovalchuk scored 8 more goals.