Sunday, March 08, 2009

Leafs maintain their revolving door policy

According to my count, the Maple Leafs have had 36 different players in their line up this season. On Monday that list will grow to 37 should recent call up Phil Oreskovic get into the game against Ottawa. Oreskovic is the team's second pick in the 2005 draft, will be making his NHL debut.

So what are the odds that the Leafs will hit the 40 player mark? Well pretty good still considering they still have 16 games to go. Though hard to say how many of the remaining Marlies are appropriate for an NHL look see.

Oreskovic is a big, hard-hitting defenceman who won’t hesitate to drop the gloves. He is listed at 6-foot-3, 217 pound.

So why are the Leafs using so many players this year? Well injuries do play a part in the number of call ups. But I think it's obvious that since they are not in playoff contention, the Leafs are trying to provide as many Marlie players as possible with exposure to the NHL. The move is either to reward hard working minor leaguers and/or an opportunity assess NHL readiness.