Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cujo needs a dose of reality right now

So Curtis Joseph is making noises about not retiring. He has his first 2 decent starts of the season in March and now he thinks he can still play. He is even suggesting that he is worth signing because he won't cost much against the cap. Let's face it, the only reason he is playing in Toronto is that Cliff Fletcher felt sorry for him because of family issues.

Here are my 5 reasons for not bringing back Cujo:

1. He walked out on a Leaf team that almost made it to the Conference finals because he felt Pat Quinn slighted him during the 2002 Olympics. He turned his back on millions of fans that idolized him because of a big ego.

2. I'm tired of Toronto bringing back former Leaf players well passed their prime. This is a hockey team not an alumni association.

3. He played terribly all season long. The coach had no confidence in him and who can blame Wilson. The team needed Joseph to step up because Toskala was hurt for much of the season and he couldn't get it done.

4. He would be taking a potential roster spot away from someone much younger. Of course anyone the Leafs put in there would be younger. But the Leafs are supposed to be rebuilding so what is the point of signing him for another season.

5. He is turning 42!