Sunday, June 25, 2006

$30 and all I got was a burger!

It was great that Sandy and Jane were so hospitable. It was great to see everyone on a beautiful June afternoon. No rain this time. All the food was also great. Everything was marvelous. Still maybe it's me but I thought $30 tickets for a BBQ was a bit much. Afterall it was still hot dogs and hamburgers. It's not like we were getting steak. Because I know that Sandy can get pretty cagey. I can see him using the police as part of an elaborate fundraising event. I just hope he got at least a 50:50 split on the proceeds.

By the way, if you ever get a flat tire in an arena parking lot in Stoney Creek or Uxbridge, Rich is the guy you want to see. Very handy with a jack.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Famous quotes from Coach Bruce

No one turns a phrase like Coach Bruce. I've begun collecting quotes to share with the rest of the world so enjoy. By the way I noticed today's date is 06/06/06. Not quite the Apocalypse but it has symmetry. Anyway here goes:

1. Always carry two hankies, one for show and one to blow.
2. Hey Alice, don't have a brain fart out there!
3. Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut.
4. Were you having a blonde moment out there?
5. Have you met my cleaning lady Dorothea?
6. That's a hockey puck on your stick not a hand grenade.
7. That shot wouldn't have broken glass.
8. Do that again and I will shove my stick where the sunn don't shine.
9. This team couldn't pass wind.
10. There were so many of you in front of our net that we could have taken a team picture.
11. Holy sh*t house mouse.
12. Safe under the tag!
13. When you coughed up that puck I almost needed a change of underwear.
14. I know its almost Christmas but do you have to be giving away the puck?
15. Hey Buffy, stay awake out there!
16. They do that in Leaside not here.
17. Was that your imitation of a Zamboni out there?
18. That puck hit her in a bad spot...right on the stick.
19. Your turns are so large you have to skate through Hamilton to get back to your end of the ice.
20. That a boy, girl!
21. If you moved any slower we might paint you orange and throw you out on the highway.