Saturday, October 10, 2009

Storm wins first game of the season

Madeleine A. first goal as a Storm turned out to be the winning goal as the Storm defeated Mississauga 3-1. Maddie's goal wasn't quite a highlight reel goal, in fact she never shot the puck. A mix up in front of the Chief's net ended with the puck behind the goal line and since Maddie was technically the last person to touch it, she got credit for the goal. Other goals were scored by Genevieve and Alexa. The Storm came out skating hard and jumped into a 3 goal lead by the middle of the second period. However, they ran out of legs in the third period and struggled to get through a rash of penalties. It was a physical game with the Storm taking 7 penalties, four in the final period.

Next game is the home opener on Thursday at Habitant arena.