Friday, October 02, 2009

Komisarek goes off the scale on Truculence Index

Mike Komisarek must have been pretty hyped up for his first game as a Maple Leaf. To boot the Leafs were up against their historical rivals and his former team. But he's going to have to reign in his emotions just a tad if he intends on surviving the season. The official position of management was that they were "happy with his play". But were they really? He had 5 minor penalties and a fighting major. At this rate he will finish the season with 1230 penalty minutes (the NHL record is 472 minutes by Dave Schultz). He is too important to be spending a quarter of the game in the penalty box. And while he was killing time in the box, the Canadiens scored 2 powerplay goals. Playing physical and intimidating hockey does not mean playing stupid hockey.

But the most annoying part of last night's game for me was the fight between Colton Orr and Georges Laraque at the 1:51 mark of the first period. Talk about staged fights. What could have triggered a fight with only 1:51 gone in the first period in the first game of the season? They both looked light dumb stooges fighting over nothing. I can except signing physical players to make your team tougher if they can play hockey. However I'm not so sure Orr fits into that category. If he really is a hockey player, then why did the coach only give him 1:28 minutes in ice time? You hand out a $4 million contract to a guy who spend less time on the ice then the guys who scrape the snow away during commercial breaks?