Monday, October 12, 2009

Battle of the Blades - week 2

Kurt Browning stole the show tonight when he did a skating program in hockey skates. He even did a salchow which is possible in hockey skates since you jump from an edge rather than a toe pick. Don Cherry had no idea what was going on and jumped all over Dick Button for being critical of Anderson and Dubreuil. Both Monday night and Sunday night he yelled out scores at the wrong time. Hey Cherry can get away with it.

Glenn Anderson/Isabelle Brasseur and St├ęphane Richer/Marie-France Dubreuil landed in the bottom two which led them to battle for the opportunity to return next week. Overall, the judges were happier with Anderson and Brasseur’s performance from last night. They had removed the footwork routine that caused Anderson to fall (see below). Richer and Dubreuil would go on to win over the judges with a routine that was filled with difficult lifts and smooth skating.