Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whoa baby! That was amazing!

That had to have been one of the most exciting hockey games I've ever seen. It goes down there with game 8 of the 1972 hockey summit. Except tonight's game saw Team Canada Russia, something that haven't done since the 1950s. At times I thought I was watching a replay of the Canada-Norway game.

They dominated in every way. Besides outscoring the Russians 7-3 and outshooting them 42-28, they also badly out hit them. I haven't been able to find hitting statistics for the game but I'm sure Canada at least doubled the Russians in hits. Certainly the Canadian doubters have jumped back on the bandwagon. As I told my American friend on Sunday, the Canada-U.S. game was meaningless since both were moving on. I suggested that he "enjoy the moment" and we will "see you in the final."

Today turned out to be one of the greatest days in Olympic history for Canada. The gold and silver in women's bobsled is unprecedented for Canada. Add to that the silver in the women’s short-track. But the most significant win was bronze by 37-year old Clara Hughes in the 5,000 metre long track skating. Hughes is one of the greatest Canadian athletes of all time. In fact few athletes around the world have matched her accomplishments. Six medals spread over four Winter and Summer Olympics. She is truly an inspiration and role model.

It was a great day to be a Canadian!