Thursday, February 04, 2010

Phaneuf thinks the Leafs can still make the playoffs

In an attempt to motivate the Leafs as they finish out the season, Dion Phaneuf has suggested that they can still grab a playoff spot.  Somehow I doubt any of his teammates are buying this one nor should fans.  Sure they are only 10 points back of 8th spot but based on past finishes, it will take about 93 points to qualify for the playoffs. With only 47 points and 25 games remaining, the Leafs would need to win 23 of their remaining games to finish with  93 points. Maybe because the East is so weak this season, it will only take 90 points to finish in the top 8.  Even then the Leafs would have to finish the season with a 21-3-1 record.

Here is what it will take for teams in the East to make the playoffs:

Washington 5-20-1
New Jersey 10-16-1
Buffalo 11-16
Pittsburgh 11-14
Ottawa 12-12-1
Philadelphia 17-10
Montreal 17-7
Tampa Bay 18-9
Florida 18-8
NY Rangers 18-7
Atlanta 18-8-1
Boston 19-9
NY Islanders 19-6-1
Toronto 23-2
Carolina 24-2