Sunday, February 28, 2010

Storm players are all winners!

It was an incredible game to cap a terrific season. No one expected this team to win but someone forgot to the players that. Early blowouts didn't matter. We just went out and beat the same teams the next time out. The early tournament losses came to an end in Erie where the team came together and beat everyone but an A team. We weren't expected to do much against Etobicoke in the playoffs. Hadn't beaten them all year. But there we were in a final game that had to be decided in a shootout. The other team was terrified of us because we refused to give up. We came out hard in the first period and Amanda gave the team an early lead. By the end of the period it was 2-0 on a goal by Caitlin. Then the Storm just checked, checked, checked. The scoring chances were all ours as the backchecking took away and opportunities for the Dolphins to score. Same thing happened in overtime. So it had to come down to a shootout and the superior shooting team pervailed although they didn't really play well enough to win. And they knew it. Their faces told the story.

The Storm had 14 games in the month of February which is quite workload and only lost 5. We played hard most of the season and despite holes in our game just wouldn't give up. Next season will be even better.