Friday, February 05, 2010

It was Happy Gilmour afterall

The Storm was in a charitable mood this evening as it opened up the Erie Tournament at the lovely Merceyhurst College ice rink. We gave up a goal on each of the first three shots on net to spot Gilmour a 3-0 first period lead.  It looked grim.  But slowly we began to dig ourselves out of that hole.  In the second period the Storm started skating and battled back to tie the score with goals by Amanda, Alicia and Gabby. In fact the Gilmour goalie did a great job in keeping the game close.  The Storm continued to battle in third period with no success.  But with just over two minutes remaining in the game, Gabby brought the puck out of the corner and rang a shot off the goalpost.  The rebound bounced right back to her stick and she buried it just under the crossbar to pull out a win.

It was a sluggish game considering the high pace games from earlier in the week.  But its still and win.  Thank you Gilmour.