Saturday, February 06, 2010

Were we set up?

Hey Yvette I know what was up.  Last year we blew into Erie and blew the doors off.  We whipped that team from Binghamton.  Pushed around Ohio and Amherst.  Then in the final we hammered Buffalo 9-0 to win the big pink trophy. 

So today we show up to play Erie but instead who steps out on the ice but a team from Buffalo who whip our asses 7-2.  Coincidence?  Ironic?  I don't think so.  I figure Yvette who organizes this party decides they can't have that Canadian team come back here and win again.  So she matches up with a team full of ringers from Buffalo of all places. Probably half the girls are from Fort Erie anyway.  Hey we can take.  We're the Storm after all.  You'll have to excuse me while i kick the Buffalo dung off my shoes.