Friday, August 28, 2009

Best wishes on your marriage Mats!

The Mats Sundin front has been very quiet this summer. However, Mats has been quite busy making wedding the plans. The long-term bachelor is marrying Josephine Johansson (not Scarlett Johansson) on Saturday. His agent, J.P. Barry, has indicated that after the wedding, Mats will take some time to decide on his hockey future – hopefully less time than it took last season. Once again his options will be limited. Mats is not going to play for a measly $1 million dollars however most contenders have little cap space available. He will want to get paid a salary on par with his credentials. Yet if he wants to win a Stanley Cup he should sign with Pittsburgh or Detroit for whatever they can afford and take a final shot.

Anyway, good luck Mats!