Friday, November 20, 2009

Storm takes one on the chin

Well the Storm got an old fashion welcome from the Township of Woolwich, a thriving community situated in south-western Ontario, in the northeast section of the Region of Waterloo. It was more like a kick in the butt. You know that the predominant mode of transportation in Woolwich is a tractor. Yup. They even have winterized tractors.

Those girls from Woolwich are supposed to be a Midget B team. Well they would smack around our Midget BB team and likely the Midget A team as well. In fact, if they were to play the Maple Leafs I would guess that they beat them too (ok maybe it would take overtime for the win). How come no one is investigating the Woolwich team. I would have thought the Toronto Star and the crack team of investigative reporters (like that Rosie DiManno) would have blown the whistle on this bunch of ringers. Did you see number 12 out there? Her name was Death. That's right out of WWE. So sure we lost 5-1 but we won't be making front page news 3 months from now when some lab comes back with some strange DNA results. Oh, nice goal by Genevieve. Keep up the good work!