Friday, November 20, 2009

Storm Nation rolls over Huntsville

Hey that's what hockey is all about - skating, shooting, banging, scoring, excitement, great goaltending, and heart stopping action. That was our game tonight from the opening face off and until the final buzzer. This afternoon was loosey goosey hockey but tonight was more upbeat. In fact it was nasty. People were falling down like bowling pins in front of the nets.

The Storm came out charged against a big and physical Huntsville Huskies team. Huskies, they were more like rottweilers. But we jumped into a quick two goal leads with some good crashing and banging by Gabbie and Genevieve. It should have been 3-0 but Kailee caught the refs taking a short nap in the game when she rang a howitzer off the inside goalpost the caught the inside of the net. You could clearly see the mesh move on the game film. That could have been costly because the Huskie came back with two goals in the second period by #12 who had some pretty good wheels. She turned a couple of defensemen inside out a few times and might have scored a couple more if it wasn't for Bianca. Well Allie plastered #12 into the boards in the third period and that pretty much slowed her down the rest of the way. Speaking of Bianca the way she played in the third you would have thought we banged a sheet of plywood in front of the net. Like nothing was going by her. Ms. Cool made a tremendous save with 18 seconds left in the game. Off the face off Genevieve drove down the ice and took a shot that forced the Huskies goalie to make a tough save but Amanda was there to bang in the rebound with 3.7 seconds left. Yeah it broke the hearts of half of Huntsville. Like when the lost the G20 summit to Toronto. Life sucks sometimes.

On a sadder note. Shrek the pez dispenser was injured in the game. He sustained a crushed foot but will likely not miss any game time.