Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things you should know about Phil Kessel

A must-read is the recent blog post by Elliotte Friedman of CBC Sports, who has some strong comments about Phil Kessel's reputation.

Friedman says he is an incredible talent, but an exasperating one.

He's a walking contradiction. An almost total non-talker in public, but phenomenal when it comes to charity efforts in private. A guy who beat testicular cancer, but wouldn't play through last season's shoulder injury until teammates pointed out they were playing through worse.He suggests that the Bruins are concerned about shelling out $4.5 million a year to a player that hasn't bought into the team concept. He are the other points made in the post:

  • Kessel needs a playmaking centre like Marc Savard to succeed.
  • He needs strong teammates around him.
  • He does not respond well to criticism and needs to be treated softly (not quite Ron Wilson's style).
The bottom line is this: It is a mistake to acquire Phil Kessel without proper structure. The structure he already has in Boston.