Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Presenting your next failed NHL franchise...Kansas City

Last night the NHL held an exhibition game at the spanking new Staples Center in Kansas City between Los Angeles and the Islanders. This game was heavily promoted to get a crowd out. A couple of days ago prices were dropped to as low as $10 (original prices $50 - $150) in the lower bowl to fill the seats. Can you imagine seeing an NHL game for $10? So how many of those 17,500 seats did they fill? Just 9,792.

This is the town that the NHL will eventually move the Phoenix Coyotes to. Sounds like a great place to duplicate the whole Coyote experience.

Speaking of the Coyotes. They have just announced a promotion for the home opener. All lower bowl seats are available for just $25 while all upper level seats are on sale for only $15.