Friday, May 01, 2009

Is the NHL running the Coyotes?

It is really getting silly around rumours regarding the Phoenix Coyotes. Not only has the NHL loaned the franchise money above and beyond its advances on revenue sharing, but Glendale City Manager Ed Beasley claims the League has actually been running the team since February.

According to the Arizona Republic, the NHL has promised Glendale that "it would reimburse the city for parking fees and security costs owed by the team." However the Coyotes management has gone on the record denying the claim: "We are not reporting to the league." Who knows where is right.

If the city manager is correct and the NHL has been running the team since "around the time the rent payment was made in late February," when exactly did they take over and what is their role in operating the franchise?

If it was before the trade deadline, how much autonomy did the Coyotes' hockey operations have in making all those deals including the blockbuster trade of Jokinen to Calgary?