Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coach Willie's third round NHL playoff predictions

Well I was 0-4 in the second round and now 6-6 in the playoffs. My pet monkey Skippy was 2-2. Well it was a fabulous round of hockey and quite difficult to predict considering the number of round that went to a 7th game. Let's hope this round is as exciting.

Pittsburgh vs Carolina

Well frankly I have never seen Sidney Crosby play such inspired hockey and if he keeps it up then it will be quite difficult to the Penguins this year. Carolina has been the surprise team in the playoffs but then they finished the season as the hottest team in the league. There has been no goalie that has dominated during the playoffs though Cam Ward has come the closest. The two teams split their season series.

Penguins in 6.

Detroit vs Chicago

In the first round I picked Columbus to upset the Wings and in the second round I picked Anaheim. So do I keep bashing my head against the wall or acknowledge the Wings are the cream of the NHL. They have had little offense from Datsyuk or Hossa but it doesn't really matter. Players like Hudler and Franzen are playoff monsters. Chicago does it with blazing speed and solid goaltending from Khabibulin. Someone recently commented to me that Chicago will win the Stanley Cup in 3 years. With the salary demands of their young stars and the salary cap I would have to say if its not this year or next year, then it won't happen. The Red Wings have tons of Stanley Cup rings while the Chicago lineup has just 3. Detroit won the season series 4-2. I'm going with a rematch from later season's Stanley Cup final.

Red Wings in 6.