Friday, May 01, 2009

2009-10 Storm Midget B lineup is now set

The worst part of the season is over now and the lineup is complete. It was an incredibly successful yet difficult series of tryouts for the Midget B team. There were a total of 34 different players that came out this past week which is quite a large number for a B team. In fact, considering North York plans to go with 2 Midget B teams next season makes the turnout even more surprising. The coaches had the difficult task of turning away one out of two players to come out.

Not only were the numbers high but so was the skill level of players . I think it speaks volumes of what is happening in girls hockey in this country. The girls are getting better and better. Over the past 9 seasons we have seen a vast improvement in the calibre of hockey at the B level. We never used to sign players out of houseleague because the players that came out did not have the skills necessary to play at this level. However, this is now the third year in a row where a houseleague player has earned a spot on our team. So congratulations to Skye who came to us from Goulding Park.

Also, welcome (or in some cases welcome back) to the Storm organization to Alexa, Alex, Genevieve and Emma. We care about our players here and you will have fun.

Thank you to Madeleine A, Amanda, Allie and Gabby for doing a terrific job at recruiting friends to the team. Brian Burke may be looking for an assistant some time in the future. We will put in your names for consideration.

Next season's team will be younger, bigger and maybe even faster than last season's team. Which means more exciting hockey. The team is made up of 7 first-year Midgets, 6 second-year Midgets and 4 third-year Midgets. So here is the new Midget B lineup:

Madeleine A
Madeleine L