Saturday, February 07, 2009

Flames get scorched by the Storm

An early morning battle between the Storm and the Ohio Phantom Flames may just end up being the highlight of the tournament. After some intitial confusion when both teams skated out in dark jerseys, the two teams got down to some exciting hockey.

As they game progressed it became very one-sided as Storm forwards swarmed around the Ohio net firing pucks with increasing frequency. However, the little goalie from Ohio was clearly the star of the game as she made one after another save - some quite spectacular. Certainly just in the third period she robbed Lauren F, Mari and Genevieve of goals. The margin of shots was likely about 40 to 10.

Suddenly the big break came with less than one minute left in the game. Lauren N picked up the puck deep in the Storm end and fired it cross ice towards the far boards. The Flame defenseman was tried to pinch but didn't come up with the puck and it was picked up by Maddie in the neutral zone. Meanwhile Kailee was streaking up the right side which created a two man breakaway. As a result the Flame goalie was backed up in her net when Maddie fired a wrist shot just inside the far right post to finally get one past the goalie. There was only 16.4 seconds remaining on the clock.

Next game is early tomorrow against Binghampton.

Pool Standings
North York - 8.5 pts
Ohio - 5.5 pts
Amherst - 5.5 pts
Binghampton - 0 pts