Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brian Burke is on Twitter

If you're not that into the social networking scene outside of Facebook or Myspace, you may not know about Twitter, a text-based posting system that allows users to type a message up to 140 characters.

Twitter has been gaining steam in the past year, with businesses and even celebrities hopping on board to voice their thoughts and opinions to the world.

One hockey person who's jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon is Toronto Maple Leafs general manager "Brian Burke", who has given his followers some insight into the thinking of a hockey executive. Now I can verify that this is really Brian Burke but it sure is funny.

Just saw Sundin at the Toronto airport, waiting in line for the shuttle bus. Guess he doesn't believe in rentals.

@BryanMurray: Next time you want to trade a first round pick for a bag of crap, give me a call. I have several bags available.

Can we just pull our goalie for an extra attacker during the shootout?

Really looking forward to the Blue Jackets coming to town. We can show Rick Nash where his locker will be in 2010.

Tomas Kaberle and I are working together on his trade deadline options. He gave me a list of 10 teams. I gave him back a list of 20 more.

Thinking about following Gainey's lead and telling the underachievers to just stay home. Would we be allowed to only dress Schenn next game?

Looking forward to a rocking pro-Leaf crowd for tonight's game against the Sabres. Oh wait, the game's not in Buffalo.

The only untouchable on this roster is Mike Van Ryn. Because if you touch him, he goes on the injured list.

Just found a copy of Jason Blake's contract that says he still has three years left. Must be a typo.