Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Could Gary Bettman be any more annoying?

At a recent presentation at the National Club in downtown Toronto, Gary Bettman continued his tired, worn out act. You know the one - how everything is great. The economy's melting, but Bettman keeps insisting the NHL is on solid ice.

At one point the moderator played this game of word association with Bettman. His responses only make you shake your head in disbelief.

Moderator: 26-team NHL

Bettman: Never

Moderator: Phoenix Coyotes

Bettman: They'll be fine

Moderator: Three teams in New York, two teams in Los Angeles, one team in Toronto

Bettman: OK

Moderator: Copps Coliseum

Bettman: I've been there - it's very old

In just under 60 seconds Bettman rejected contraction, dismissed concerns over the Coyotes, and once again threw cold water on the notion of a second team in Toronto.