Friday, March 05, 2010

Folks, the end is here

It was almost cathartic watching the team lose tonight. You like to imagine finishing with a bang and it certainly the heart was there but with a short bench it just didn't happen. A string of 414 games behind the bench and it comes to an end at Malvern of all places. Well there may be a few more games if we get into the Brampton Tournament. This just doesn't feel right.

Yes this is my 1,800th and last post on Storm Nation. It won't be closed down - it will always be here for you to visit. This seems the right time to do this because next week I'm going away. But I will not be disappearing from the blogosphere. I have created a new blog for you to follow.

I hope you will visit The Curse of Frank Mahovlich so that I can share with my fellow suffering Leaf fans the plight of the Toronto Maple Leafs - the Chicago Cubs of hockey.

To the 98,879 visitors to this blog - Thank you!!