Monday, July 20, 2009

Moore brothers can't get a break

Last week the Toronto Sun had an excellent article on Dominic Moore and his brothers Steve and Mark. Several years ago they were three brothers from Thornhill living the dream by becoming professional hockey players. Except things haven't worked out so well for them.

As most hockey fans know, Steve's career was ended by one of the most infamous hits in hockey history delivered by Todd Bertuzzi. His future is up in the air as his law suit works its way through the system. Then, there is Mark. While his brother's career ended in front of thousands of eyes in an NHL rink, and millions more on television, he lost his dream in a cold, empty arena in Wheeling, Virginia, when a teammate's helmet clipped him in the chin during practice. He suffered a concussion and six years later is waiting for the symptoms to go away. Finally there is Dominic who is the only one still able to play hockey. Last year he experienced his best season as a professional hockey player but sits at home, a free agent, waiting for a call. As a potential fourth liner he will hopefully be competing for a job somewhere but he will likely be measured up against a young player at half his salary.

The brothers all went to Harvard and were quite the legend there. They actually all played together on the same team one year. No doubt those were the happier years in th Moore household.