Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ESPN's Fan Satisfaction Ratings

ESPN has once again published their fan satisfaction ratings and the Maple Leafs have moved up only marginally. They were rated 120th out of 122 pro sports teams. In 2008 they were rated 121st and in 2007 they were rated 99th. Only the awful New York Knicks and LA Clippers rated lower. The bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes were rated 88th.

It's hard to argue with the rating based on the criteria. This is how the Leafs broke down:

Bang for the Buck (wins over the past three years per revenues directly from fans) 120th
Fan Relations (ease of access to players, coaches & management) 112th
Ownership (loyalty to players and city) 99th
Affordability (price of tickets, parking and concessions) 122nd
Stadium Experience (friendliness of environment; quality of game-day promotions) 101th
Players (effort on the field; likability off it) 108th
Coach/Manager (strong on-field leadership) 58th
Title Track (titles already won or expected -- soon) 113th

As for other Toronto teams:

Raptors 105th (44th last year)
Blue Jays 34th (67th last year)

To be fair the Maple Leaf owners have finally taking steps to fix the team's problems which is reflected in the improved Coach/Manager rating. However, Brian Burke was just starting on the job of cleaning up this mess when the rating was being compiled. However, I don't see the organization doing anything about affordability or fan relations. This team has a long way to go.