Friday, January 23, 2009

Updated NHL Power Ranking - All Star Break Edition

Well we are at the All Star break and all Maple Leaf players except for Tomas Kaberle have the weekend off to rejuvenate both physically and mentally. The last few weeks have been difficult. The talent gap has become more glaring as other teams ramp up in an attempt to grab a playoff spot. That does not appear to be an objective of the Leafs although it will never be publicly stated. The Leafs have sunk to a tie with Tampa Bay and St. Louis for 27th overall which provide them with a lottery pick in the draft. Ottawa and Atlanta are only 3 points back. Only the hapless Islanders will keep the Leafs from dropping to the bottom of the standings. However, in about 5 weeks it is expected that the talent on the Leafs takes a further hit at the trading deadline. Anyone who thinks rebuilding will take less than 3-4 years will likely be very disappointed.

Here is how the various sports websites rank the Maple Leafs:

Sportsnet: 24th (+3)
ESPN: 25th (0)
Sporting New: 25th (0)
Fox Sports: 25th (0)
CBS Sportsline: 25th (-1)
AOL Fanhouse: 26th (0)
TSN: 27th (-2)
Sports Illustrated: 29th (-3)
CBC Sports: 29th (-3)
The Hockey News: 29th (-2)
Yahoo Sports: 29th (-2)