Monday, December 14, 2009

Parity has definitely arrived at the NHL

OK, even the biggest cynic has to admit the Toronto Maple Leafs are hot. They are winners of 7 out of the past 10 games and earned 20 points in the past 14 games. So here is the weird part of this. The Maple Leafs have only moved up 1 spot in the standings. They are still 29th overall and 14th in the East although tied with 4 other teams. Yet they are only 2 points out of a playoff position.

In the incredibly tight East, there are 3 points separating 8 teams. The Leafs are no where near being a Cup contender but they also don't look like a team that will be handing over a lottery draft pick to the Bruins this spring.

What turned this mess around? Well decent goaltending has been the main contributing factor. Also a consistent sniper (Kessel) has made the team much more effective during 5 on 5 situations. You can't win games by totally relying on your powerplay for goals. Most encouraging is that they play an entertaining game.

I don't see the Leafs maintaining a winning percentage of 70% but I don't see them going losing 8 games straight either. I guess the boo-birds have stopped calling for Ron Wilson's head - at least for the time being.