Monday, June 01, 2009

Florida State beats Ohio State 37-6

No college football hasn't started early this year. That was the score of a baseball in a regional tournament no less.

Well if you wanted to know how lopsided this game was here are some of the ridiculous stat lines that came out of the game:
  • Florida State shortstop Stephen Cardullo went 7-for-9 with 5 RBIs
  • The Seminoles went 38-for-65 as a team (.585), with seven walks
  • The Seminoles led 32-0 at one point in the fifth inning; FSU scored 11 runs in the fifth
  • Ohio State’s starting pitcher Jared Strayer had a game ERA of ∞ after allowing seven earned runs before being pulled without recording a single out (oh, and he only faced seven batters)