Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's all about the memories

Afterall just about every team ends the season with a loss. That's just the way competitive sports works. It's really about having fun, making friends and the memories. As the ice cleared off yesterday and the players headed off to the dressing room, Jackie lingered a last few moments on the ice taking it all in. She knew it was coming to an end but so desperate to extend it for a few more moments. The Zamboni was beginning to circle the ice as Jackie imagined herself skating towards the opposition net for one last scoring chance. Then just as suddenly she stepped off the ice to strip off her Storm jersey for one last time.

The weekend in Brampton was all about extending that feeling for a few more days and a few more games. It looked like the weekend might be a reepeat of previoius tournament with two early shotout winds. But the string was broken as the Storm fell to Smith Falls 3-0 to finally end the season. For Sheri, SK, Mari, Jackie, Genevieve, Maddy and Asia, their last shift was also a tribute to their contribution to the team.

For the rest, they will have the opportunity to carry on the Storm traditions beginning April 25.